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ICT Room
ICT Room
ICTs (Information and communication technologies). In the current scenario, ICT is a powerful tool in making teaching - learning effective. It is a highly interactive communication method to facilitate teaching and learning.
We, at ACB, aim to provide holistic growth to our students and enable them to develop into a wholesome personality and face societal challenges with dare.
We continually strive to develop the potential of the students by integrating our teaching with the use of ICT for effective and stimulating curriculum delivery which acknowledges different learning styles and individual potential. The college encourages staff and students to develop lifelong learning skills and to explore the capability of ICT to meet current and future challenges in an increasingly inter-connected world.

In order to achieve these aims, the College recognises the need for an ICT plan. This includes effective continuous professional development for staff & students within and beyond the premises in a sustainable cost effective resourcing.

Within the College we have five dedicated ICT rooms. Each teaching room is equipped with projector with many having the addition of an interactive white board to facilitate teaching and learning. In addition we have an ICT manager on site who maintains the network and provides essential support to teachers in the classroom.

We continue to investigate and keep abreast of advances in information and communication technology and are constantly looking to new and innovative ways of supporting teaching and learning in the classroom.